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Are you growing in your faith or are you longing for something more  REAL, RAW & RELEVANT?
Millions of people are searching for something that offers authentic truth, freedom and miracle-working-power.  Are you one of the 83% who are longing for something more? Join one of our Church communities today!
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Join us daily as we discuss real, raw and relevant topics and look at what God's Word has to say about it!
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Marketplace Connect Groups 
The EMnation marketplace groups and online video classes allow you to connect with other men and women, like you, who are searching for a deeper connection with God and passionate about fulfilling HIS purpose on earth! Each group uses our E4-model and curriculums, where we combine the truth of God's Word with practical life-skills training, networking, hands-on discipleship, and life coaching that leads to authentic transformation and a maturing of your faith. 

Help Line: (800) 348-5217

We believe that the Church should not be confined to a building or merely happen only a once a week as many have supposed. Instead, THE CHURCH is a living and breathing organism that comes alive through ordinary people, like you, who are ready to do what Jesus did and seek and save the lost. 
Jesus came to shake things up and  break traditional norms by birthing a revolution that disrupted the religious system of His day. Jesus loved all people  and took everyday people with broken pasts and tormenting spirits and turned them into valiant warriors of His MIRACULOUS Truth.  EMnation is raising up a CHURCH without walls and a generation who loves God without limit.

Prepare to RE-THINK religion and discover an authentic relationship with a powerful, yet loving God of freedom.
The EMnation connect groups, books, videos, and live shows are  so refreshing because of the straightforward truth they reveal about the society we live in today. We love the real, raw and relevant topics that are discussed. They challenge us to get out of our church "seats" and into the marketplace streets of everyday life, just like Jesus did in his time."  
Jason and Sandra Gosser
Telecom Analyst and Neonatal Practitioner 
“Most Christians seem to have an on/off switch for the Holy Spirit. It’s ‘on’ when they attend Sunday church services, but ‘off’ the rest of the week when real life happens. Larry and Staci’s switch is always ‘on’ and their heart for evangelism is seen daily in the signs and wonders that follow their lives.”

Terry Toler
Author, The Jesus Diet
"Before EMwomen, I was in and out of homelessness, addicted to the paranormal and running from domestic violence. The Mission Possible Life Mastery Course and EMwomen Connect Groups have changed  my life. Now, I am using my experience to help other women and girls escape from lives of abuse and into a life of abundance."
Christina Willis

“I was the recipient of years of abuse and violence. After only a couple of months, however, EMwomen has helped me break free from bondage and see that my story, even the painful history, can be used by God to create hope and healing for others.” 
Martha Eglin
 Life Coach
"I have been looking for a group to connect with that will help me apply the Bible to my everyday life as a businessman, father and leader in my community. The EMpact groups have been such a breath of fresh air as I align with other Godly men from various backgrounds and denominations with the common goal of living our faith out loud!"
Darrell Snitker
“I loved the video about deliverance today. After hearing Larry’s comments, I got rid of  $2000 in DVDs and music and disposed of various “artifacts”  and masks from my world travels that turned out to be false god images without me even knowing it! After a little research, I realized that I had 6 FALSE GOD IMAGES IN MY BEDROOM!! I literally plugged the holes with scripture.  I don’t want anything to hold me from God’s best.”
Mary Rogers
Executive Management
What's Your God-Story?
In John 5, Jesus said, "Take up your mat and walk!" - Jesus didn't tell the man with a 38-year addiction to "leave" his mat. WHY? Because his mat would be his message and his message could change the world.

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